La Flor de Izucar blooms with birria, bakery, breakfast & more

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and Mexican Independence Day is on September 16, so let’s check out some really chido Mexican food!

Alfredo Torres runs La Flor de Izucar Cafe with his sister Yasmeen and brother Javier. Established in 1990, this minority-owned business was founded by his father, Mariano Torres, after immigrating to NY from Puebla, México, with his mother, Silvia Torres. The cafe is in Sunset Park, an industrial area known most of all for its flourishing community of first-generation immigrants.

Chicken tamales: one Oaxacan, one with salsa roja, and one with mole.

La Flor is at the corner of the park that gives the district its name, and Benchmark printed two posters for their front window to advertise their drinks and breakfasts. Certain words just spark vivid family memories – CHAMPURRADO is one of them! It’s a kind of atole, chocolate mixed with cornmeal to make the perfect hot drink. Loosely translated, champurrado means: abuelas showing up at gatherings, lugging a gallon-sized thermos to keep the thick drink piping hot all night. There is something to be said for keeping traditions pure, but La Flor’s Nutella hot chocolate looks like a very worthy innovation.

Don’t forget the tamales! La Flor offers meat, vegetarian, or vegan. You can get them wrapped in cornhusk or Oaxacan-style, wrapped in banana leaf – what a sweet fragrance!

We also printed labels that La Flor applies to their to-go cups. Just run in and grab an iced cappuccino with a concha (Mexican pastry). Or for me, I would probably sit down to a big marranito (molasses cookie shaped like a pig) with a nice latte. ¡Provecho!

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Tacos de birria at La Flor de Izucar