Find the deeper meaning of “tortilla” at Huertas

Northern Spain-style restaurant Huertas has been in Manhattan’s East Village since 2014. This Benchmark client specializes in pintxos (“PIN-chos”), meaning “little bites.” Their pintxos include tantalizing toothpicked morsels such as olives, egg, pickles, and chickpea churros. Servers circulate among the dining tables, and the guests point out the pintxos they want, served dim sum-style, but accompanied by Huertas’ homemade vermouth.

Since it is Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s investigate what we could call “the deeper meaning of tortilla”!

The taco trucks around our Brooklyn office will serve you up carnitas on a double tortilla that is about 1/8-inch thick. They use the same style as the tortilleros where I come from – México.

Going farther south of the border to El Salvador, the tortillas are about a quarter-inch thick, which keeps them warm a little longer.

Even farther south, we hit Ecuador. Order a tortilla there, and they just might pass you a plate with something tasty between two slices of bread, to make the Earl of Sandwich proud. After all, tortilla literally means “little sandwich.”

But in Basque Country and at Huertas, there is the tortilla española. The egg, onion, and potato that go into this skillet dish make it akin to a frittata.

Benchmark printed business cards for Huertas.

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