Turning it up “to 11” with Stereo Exchange since 1984

Ann Wasserman and David Wasserman own Stereo Exchange (StereoExchange.com), and they are one of New York’s oldest audio, video, and home theater retailers – since 1984. This Benchmark client persevered through the beginning of the pandemic by relocating to a Union Square loft showroom at Broadway and East 17th Street (see photo: third floor).

Local brick-and-mortar retail and a local, in-person printer like Benchmark have a lot in common. We provide advantages that Big Box sellers can never give. These are truths that we in local businesses know well, and Stereo Exchange explains how their showroom sees it:

Demos: Customers trying to compare components for their dream audio setup need more than online reviews and YouTube unboxings.…

Service: Knowing you can look the person in the eye who sold you your stereo system gives a certain level of confidence through the buying process.…

Culture: We like having a place where those people can come together – whether to discuss audio one-on-one, or to enjoy one of our happy hour events.

Since 2016, Benchmark has printed business cards and letterhead for Stereo Exchange.

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