Slurpin’ it up with Ivan Ramen

“Anything can wait, except ramen.”

That’s right, Benchmark client Ivan Ramen’s owner, Ivan Orkin, advises customers to eat it IMMEDIATELY. Piping hot, just-tender rye-blend noodles, anointed with a 6½-minute boiled egg, all with a clump of fresh scallions on top. That steaming first slurp takes on a certain zen, but Ivan’s signature roasted tomatoes taste still powers through as a dynamite take-out item.

Orkin, otaku New Yorker, channeled his love of Japanese culture into a Tokyo noodle house that he built into one of Tokyo’s top ramen shops! Now, he runs the New York location in the Lower East Side on Clinton Street.

Eye-grabbing, manga-inspired artwork graces Ivan’s promo postcards. Benchmark has printed a series of their restaurant postcards, staff business cards, and promo cards for the book Orkin co-authored, The Gaijin Cookbook.

Ready for the first slurp – Itadakimasu!

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