Quando, quando, quando will we eat at Fresco by Scotto®?

Fresco by Scotto® is an Italian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Established in 1993, it is operated by the Scotto Family—Marion, Rosanna, and Elaina Scotto. The kitchen is led by Executive Chef Benjamin Kacmarcik. Their menu is “Tuscan cuisine and regional Italian cooking with a modern flair” – spectacular plates of veal, salmon, seared scallops, and steak.

For over four years, Benchmark has printed for them, including laminated menus, reservation sheets, and business cards.

Leave it to Fresco by Scotto® to redefine sidewalk al fresco. In front of the restaurant entrance is an expanse of sidewalk dining so elaborate and immersive, they have named it “The Lemon Orchard.” The canopy of lemon trees, elegant columns, and finely furnished table setup leave you thinking, “Wasn’t 52nd Street around here somewhere?”

The dessert menu includes creamy ricotta cheesecake and homemade tiramisu, but even these decadent treats are overshadowed by – the Golden Cannoli. Sixteen inches long, literally gold-encrusted, it feeds more than ten people. Now imagine the theme from Rocky playing as the FBS crew bestows the gleaming cannoli upon Sylvester Stallone – yep, that actually happened in May!

We close this post with one important question unanswered. After Stallone’s meal, did he exalt Fresco by Scotto® with his arms skyward, saying, “There cannoli be one!”

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Rosanna Scotto presents the golden cannoli.