The majestic strength of Denise A. Tuite’s custom metal furniture

“I have erected a monument longer lasting than bronze” – Horace was making a poet’s boast about immortality through art when he wrote that in his Odes and Epodes, but he should have checked out Denise A. Tuite’s (DAT) iron end tables and bronze fireplace grates!

Denise, a Benchmark client and fellow female business owner, has been honing her craft since beginning her career in the 1970s in antiques. She began manufacturing reproduction furniture, to make replicas of eighteenth-century masters. She owns Denise A. Tuite Custom Metal Furniture (DAT), and her work has a focus on the rustic, natural style of Alberto and Diego Giacometti, Swiss sculptor brothers.

From steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum, DAT offers glass and marble top coffee tables, consoles, end and dining tables, bookcases, lighting fixtures and coat racks. The New York Times featured a DAT coffee table.

The center photo is from an octagonal bronze console table. These eight female figures raising the table’s load are called “Caryatids.” What do they mean? They hearken back to ancient Greece, often supporting the roofs of great stone edifices. They transmit “feminine gentleness, independence, spirituality and mystery, blended with majestic, connected, immovable strength. A defining characteristic of the Caryatid’s strength is her queenly way of serving society.”

Benchmark upgraded Denise’s logo by designing it as a vector image. Then we printed it on her letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

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