Why did colonists burn down NYC in 1776? Joyce Gold will tell you, on a walking tour

Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano once recounted an African proverb: “Until the gazelles write their own history, the lions will be the heroes of the hunt.” All the more reason to find out what’s gone down in this capital city of world finance by booking a historic walking tour!

Joyce Gold runs Joyce Gold History Tours of New York, another Benchmark client who is a fellow woman-owned business. She is a New York history teacher at New York University and The New School. She has a whopping 56 tours to choose from, each one shedding light on a different segment of this city’s nearly 400-year history.

You could walk with Alexander Hamilton in the Financial District to learn “How the Sausage Gets Made.” You could hit the sites of the American Revolution: the scorched earth that concluded the Battle of Brooklyn, Washington’s farewell to his troops at Fraunces Tavern, and more.

Cotton Club jazz mecca in Harlem.

Her tour of “When Ireland, China and Italy Became Neighbors” traces the reasons behind the mass immigrations from these three countries, walking through Downtown Manhattan. Then find out why the Billy Strayhorn song tells us to “Take the A-Train” and just what was so happenin’ in the Harlem Renaissance when you “go to Sugar Hill, way up in Harlem” – Joyce tours you through there, too. Hard to pick just a few highlights!

Benchmark has printed several runs of her tour brochure, pictured above.

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