Brighter Bites confronts the void of “Food Deserts”

In the face of the pandemic, Brighter Bites called Benchmark to print large laminated signs and check-in cards that help organize their burgeoning NYC food distributions.

Note the laminated sign at the Brighter Bites food distribution.

For several years, their co-founder Lisa Helfman and her family took part in a weekly fruit and vegetable co-op, and she watched her children’s eating habits dramatically transform. So much so that her little boy turned down a piece of cake at a birthday party, craving instead the blueberries he’d grown fond of eating at home.

Goal 2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. More about Benchmark’s support for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Like most moms, Lisa realized this was a fairly significant decision for a six-year-old. She wondered what kind of influence regular access to fresh produce might have on all children, especially if it were free to families.

She was inspired to replicate this type of positive change in underserved communities identified as “food deserts,” or areas where access to grocery stores stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables is sorely limited. Because nutrition education in these communities is often equally lacking, Lisa’s vision was to bring a produce co-op to schools in these neighborhoods that included an educational component.

Currently, Brighter Bites’ serves over 30,000 school children and their families across 148 schools in Houston, Dallas, Austin, the Washington, D.C. metro area, New York City, Salinas, CA, Southwest Florida, and Los Angeles.

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