Big doors swing on small (American-made) hinges at Brusso Hardware

Brusso Hardware prints their catalogs with Benchmark. They retail American-made precision hardware. The beautiful music box shown above, by Evan Miller of Lost Mountain Design, used Brusso’s high-quality brass hardware.

The company has operated in Belleville, New Jersey since 2003, when the Brusso family retired and production was relocated to B&M Machine Co. Continuously operated by the Bing family, B&M has built a reputation for supplying the aerospace, industrial, and fine hardware markets with high quality standards, timely order fulfillment, and professional customer service. They serve US, Canadian, Japanese, Australian and Norwegian markets — as well as the UK and EU through

Benchmark has printed several years of Brusso’s product catalogs and several runs of hang-tags.

While being an e-commerce first marketplace, Brusso has shipped thousands of catalogs printed by Benchmark to their customers over the years. “Our customers love having a gorgeous catalog in hand in their showroom or on the workbench. It helps keep Brusso front-of-mind when customers are ready to make a purchase,” says Kevin Bing, president of Brusso Hardware.

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