Superflex – just one word: PLASTICS

Here is a Benchmark client that has stuck with us even after moving to New Jersey – Superflex Ltd. (Hey, it’s not all that far: just past Staten Island.) Since 1981, they manufacture tubing and conduit and list their product line in a catalog. Over the course of several runs that we have printed, the catalog has grown from 20 pages to 32 pages.

Printing a catalog for your company has some benefits you might not realize. On gleaming pages, potential customers see your products in the best possible light. The branding statement of making a catalog sets you apart from your competitors. It communicates stability and longevity. Catalogs have a long shelf life, which means that a consumer who doesn’t immediately look through it, is likely to keep it for later.

And we’ve all gotta go green! Printing a catalog uses one of the world’s infinitely renewable resources. Sustainably-managed forests offer one of the least expensive and most effective ways to fight against climate change.

On the other hand, “going paperless” increases our dependence on transmitting large volumes of data. That takes vast quantities of electricity and also water for cooling. The average data center uses as much as 5 million gallons of water a day for cooling. As one Benchmark client said, “Yeah, ‘the Cloud’ is more of a thunder cloud!”

Besides Superflex’s catalogs, Benchmark has also printed their art cards, labels and business cards.

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